Which Class is Best?

Our classes fall into 4 overlapping categories.

We rarely offer things like “Tongs and Tools” as this class is really geared towards the serious hobbyist. Please inquire if you are interested in this class. (vibanvil@gmail.com)

  •  Which class is right for me? or an absolute beginner?
    • Start with the interest of the student. Is this student into camping? (Campfire Cookset) Is the student really artistic and wants to try sculpting in metal? (Horse & Ram, Leaves and Twists)
    • If the student is interested in the entire art form and just can’t decide, steer them towards something on the left side. Would the student like to walk away with a completed, functional project? (Shelf bracket, candlestick) Is the student looking for the juxtaposition of “delicate” steel? (Leaves, Flowers, Twists)
    • The Helmet & Shield classes have a lot of cold steel work. If this appeals to you or your student OR you would really like a helmet or a shield, then one of these classes is right for you.
    • The Hatchet and Damascus classes are physically demanding.
      • There is forge welding in both of these classes. The Hatchet class is especially laborious. We recommend that there be some sort of experience with a forge (not necessarily forge welding) prior to either class. We will not deny an interested student’s enrollment.

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