Power Hammer Tools with Allan Kress: 2024

A tool building class led by Allan Kress who teaches our Clay Spencer Tire Power Hammer class every July. This is a class in making tools to get the most out of your hammer. The class is designed to benefit students with or without power hammers, so share this with any of your forging friends that might have an interest. Students will learn to make tools universal in all areas of forging. In this fast paced class, you will make a cutter and snapper first, learn to forge on the edge of the die, create a V-block, radius block, and a cut off hardy, tongs and the tools to make them, open and closed dies, and much more. The school will have available two self contained air hammers, as well as two tire hammers previously built here for student use.


Class includes safe shop practices, power hammer techniques, safety and basic forging. All safety equipment is supplied.
Saturday and Sunday, 8 AM till 5 PM
Tuition $369

Please Note:   A parent, guardian or responsible adult must be on site for students under 18 years of age for the duration of the class.  Adults accompanying minors do not have to take the class, but they are welcome to if they wish.