November 9 – 13, 2020: Blacksmithing: Mark Aspery

Mark Aspery will be here November 9 through 13th, 9 AM till 5 PM Monday through Thursday, 9 AM till Noon Friday, $600

Here is a class description in his own words:

“This Mark Aspery class is targeted to those intermediate smiths wishing to improve their blacksmithing skills. It is termed the “Fussy Projects” class, with the projects chosen to give the participants some degree of indigestion as they practice the skills involved.

Forge welding, isolation and manipulation of material and forging to dimension are some of the primary areas that the class will focus on.
Participants are advised to bring charcoal pieces to snack on, as charcoal is a natural filter and will keep the air a little cleaner.
We’ll see you there.”
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