January 2017 –


October 2016 – VIB has had the pleasure of assisting a design team from Virginia Tech as they prepare a meteorite to be melted down to forge a blade. They will be attending the TMS 2017 Annual Meeting in February and entering the blade in the bladesmithing competition.  We are not bladesmiths, but we are showing them the traditional blacksmithing techniques they will use to prepare their metal.

Cutting the Meteorite ; Meteorite Slices ; VT Engineering Student at the Forge ; Advanced Materials Group

meteoritemeteoriteslices vt_atforge

Advanced Materials Group

Advanced Materials Group

Our own Dale Morse was one of 19 recipients of the 2015 Artisans Center of Virginia Juried Master Artisan Award.  The award reception took place at the Double Tree Hotel in Charlottesville, VA March 17th.

“Having attained a high level of expertise and professional recognition, the works produced by Artisans Center of Virginia Juried Artisans considered for the Virginia Juried Master Artisan distinction demonstrate excellence in both design and craftsmanship with total competency and control of their medium.

Additionally, community involvement through education and mentor-ship define the role of the Virginia Juried Master Artisan as each seeks to pass on their talent and/or trade to the next generation.  In addition to perpetuating their trade to future generations and preserving their stylistically unique contributions to Virginia’s artisan culture and heritage, each becomes an Artisans Center of Virginia endorsed resource for information and technical expertise in their field.”   Artisans Center of Virginia


September 13-14, 2014

UVA Engineering Students learn practical skills at the Virginia Institute of Blacksmithing
Sixteen honor engineering students from the University of Virginia received partial credit for taking a basic skills blacksmithing class at VIB.