Modern Metalwork & Welding

Small Table Welding Project

Our Modern Metalwork & Welding 2-day class is a project driven class. (This is NOT a blacksmithing class.)  Students will be introduced to the art of metal work, fabrication, and welding while creating a project (a small table) that they can take home with them.  This class is great for a hobbyist homeowner, engineering student that needs practical experience and the artist who would like to begin creating metal sculpture.

Work may entail using an acetylene-oxygen torch, mig welder, various grinding equipment and an electric band saw.

“Dave was very thorough, kind and encouraging. My impression is that he never sees any mistakes, just learning opportunities”     – B.B.

Whether you are a beginner with no metal work experience or an individual with some metalwork/welding experience, this class will be fun and educational.  Each student will have completed the class with an introductory knowledge of modern metal working, a new skill and a finished project.

“Having enjoyed metal working for over 20 years, I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience of steel work with others.”         David Hall, Instructor

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Modern Metal Work & Welding
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