July 17, 2017: Shelf Brackets

Create your own shelf brackets. There should be time for each student to leave with a minimum of 1 set of shelf brackets. (We expect more than 1 pair, but this is dependent on student skill, effort, and interest.)  The first set will include fishtail scrolls and will be suitable for a 10 – 12″ shelf. If time allows other designs and techniques will be covered.  If you have taken one of our other classes, you are welcome to include those techniques in your shelf bracket projects (twists, leaves, etc.)  New students should arrive by 8.30am for the shop safety and fire management orientation.  Returning students who are comfortable with lighting a fire can arrive at 9am.

This class has been removed from the schedule due to lack of interest.

Please Note:   A parent, guardian or responsible adult must be on site for students under 18 years of age for the duration of the class.  Adults accompanying minors do not have to take the class, but they are welcome to if they wish.

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