Class Schedule

Call 434-960-9718 before dropping by. We are typically out running errands and taking care of business during the week therefore we don’t have standard office hours outside of our scheduled classes and lab times.

Most two-day blacksmithing classes are $249 per student for the course (both days, 9am-4pm). The one day classes are $125.  The Blacksmith’s Knife class is 8am-5pm and costs $349. Certificate of Artistic Blacksmithing classes are priced differently. Special workshops are priced individually. See the specific class page for more information.  These prices are located on each class page as well.

We welcome smiths from 10 years old and up. We suggest that the young smiths (<12 years old) either have a helper for a class like Hatchet or sign up for a different course. Blacksmithing can be physically arduous.  We would like YOU to make the decision for yourself but also would like you to have reasonable expectations.

Don’t see what you are looking for? Have a group? Looking for a unique Bachelor or Bachelorette party idea? Looking for a field trip for middle school or high school students? Contact us for Custom Blacksmithing Class availability! 

To search for a specific class offering, type part of the title in the box on the right. For example, to see all the Build a Shield classes, type Shield. To see everything listed for October, type October.








May 20184 Certificate Student Lab5 BSMTH 109
6 BSMTH 109
May 201811 Certificate Student Lab12 Campfire Cookset13 Campfire Cookset
May 201818 Certificate Student Lab19 Hatchet - Sold Out - email to be put on the waitlist 20 Hatchet - Sold Out - email to be put on the waitlist
May 201825 Certificate Student Lab26 Build a Helmet27 Build a Helmet
June 201828 Blacksmith's Knife29 Blacksmith's Knife1 Certificate Student Lab2 BSMTH 110
Modern Metalwork and Welding
3 BSMTH 110
Modern Metalwork and Welding
June 20188910
June 201815 Certificate Student Lab16 Certificate Student Lab17 Certificate Student Lab
June 201818 ABS Intro to Bladesmithing19ABS Intro to Bladesmithing21ABS Intro to Bladesmithing22 ABS Intro to Bladesmithing23 Pattern Welded Damascus24 Pattern Welded Damascus
June 201825ABS Intro to Bladesmithing26ABS Intro to Bladesmithing28ABS Intro to Bladesmithing29 Certificate Student Lab30 Build a HatchetJuly 1 Build a Hatchet
July 201823 Swirl Trivet5 Intro to Blacksmithing - Hook6 Certificate Student Lab7 BSMTH 1118 BSMTH 111
July 2018910 Iris12 Intro to Blacksmithing - Camp Fork (marshmallow or hottdog fork)13 Certificate Student Lab14 Hookrack15 Hookrack
July 201816 Blacksmith's Knife17 Blacksmith's Knife19 Intro to Blacksmithing - Camp Spatula 20 Certificate Student Lab21 Build a Shield22 Build a Shield
July 20182324 Tongs26 Railroad spike novelty knife27 Certificate Student Lab28 Hatchet29 Hatchet
August 20183031 Leaves2 Intro to Blacksmithing - Hook3 Certificate Student Lab4 BSMTH 1125 BSMTH 112
August 201867 Plant or Shelf bracket9 Intro to Blacksmithing - Fork10 Certificate Student Lab11 Campfire cookset12 Campfire cookset
August 201813 Blacksmith's Knife14 Blacksmith's Knife16 Intro to Blacksmithing - Fork17 Certificate Student Lab18 Spear19 Spear
August 2018202123 Railroad spike novelty knife24 Certificate Student Lab25 Hatchet26 Hatchet
September 201828 Dinner Triangle30 Intro to Blacksmithing - ForkAug 31 Certificate Graduation & Lab1 BSMTH 101
2 BSMTH 102
September 20183 Blacksmith's Knife4 Blacksmith's Knife7 Certificate Student Lab8 Shelf brackets & S hook9 Shelf brackets & S hook
September 201814 Certificate Student Lab15 Intro to Artistic Blacksmithing: Leaves & Twists16 Intro to Artistic Blacksmithing: Leaves & Twists
September 201821 Certificate Student Lab22 Hatchet23 Hatchet
September 201828 Certificate Student Lab29 Build a Helmet30 Build a Helmet
October 20185 Certificate Student Lab6 BSMTH 102
7 BSMTH 103
October 201812 Certificate Student Lab13 Fireplace Tools14 Fireplace Tools
October 201819 Certificate Student Lab20 Tips & Tricks of the Anvil21 Tips & Tricks of the Anvil
October 201826 Certificate Student Lab27 Build a Hatchet28 Build a Hatchet
November 20182 Certificate Student Lab3 BSMTH 103
4 BSMTH 103
November 20189 Certificate Student Lab10 Hardware - Door pull, hinge, drop latch11 Hardware - Door pull, hinge, drop latch
November 201816 Certificate Student Lab17 Patter Welded Damascus18 Pattern Welded Damascus
November 201823 No Class24 No Class25 No Class
December 2018Nov 30 Certificate Student Lab1 BSMTH 104
2 BSMTH 104
December 20187 Certificate Student Lab8 Build a Hatchet8 Build a Hatchet
December 201814 Certificate Student Lab15 Bells & Triangle16 Bells & Triangle
December 201821 Certificate Student Lab22 No Class23 No Class
December 201828 Certificate Student Lab29 Build a Spear30 Build a Spear

Refund Policy: Class Refund Policy is that we will refund 75% of the class amount should you not be able to attend class after registration or you can transfer your payment to an equal or lesser cost class. If you have  additional questions, please feel free to email us at

It is important to wear appropriate attire.  Only natural fiber clothing is allowed in the shop, absolutely no synthetic material.  Closed toe shoes or boots are acceptable, sandals are not.  Do not wear shorts or anything you do not want to get dirty.  The school is not heated or cooled, so please dress for the weather.  The office is partially heated.  Eye and ear protection is provided.