February 13 – 14, 2021: Blacksmithing: Pattern Welded Damascus

This blacksmithing class will show you how to forge pattern welded laminate blanks popularly known as Damascus.
There is a lot of forge welding and power hammer work with this class. Each student will be able to take away all of the laminate blanks they make. The object is to learn to create and manipulate pattern in steel during the class. From there, you could forge it into whatever shape you would like outside of class, during our open shop hours, or in a different class. Successful blanks can be used in some of our other classes such as Build a Hatchet, the Hunter/Utility Knife, or Kitchen/chef knife bladesmithing course.
Fire management basics and shop safety will also be covered.  Because of the noise of the power hammer, it is recommended that students bring over the ear hearing protection. We have in-ear plugs available.

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No experience is necessary, but some experience is a definite plus. This is one of our more challenging beginner classes.

**This class is capped at a maximum of 7 participants.**

Saturday and Sunday, February 13 – 14, 2021
9am – 4pm both days
Tuition: $249 for the weekend

Please Note:   A parent, guardian or responsible adult must be on site for students under 18 years of age for the duration of the class.  Adults accompanying minors do not have to take the class, but they are welcome to if they wish.

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