ABANA National Curriculum Training Level One: December 11, 2023

ABANA National Curriculum Training for Level I

The National Curriculum is limited in its scope and deals only with developing a blacksmith’s skills in the forge environment. The lessons are exercises, and are usually criterion based rather than project-based unless required for the Grille Projects.

The National Curriculum has been divided into 3 levels, with some levels having multiple subjects, each requiring considerable time requirements by the student/instructor.

Individual items have been grouped, where possible, with similar subject materials. Levels can be taught out-of-sequence.

It is anticipated that the student will have some access to equipment such as a Drill press, a Machinist vice Welder, and Oxy/Fuel system.

The level one certificate will be awarded to those who have completed Level I basic training or the equivalent. They will have presented to their instructor the Farm Gate Latch and have passed a safety test. By doing so they have demonstrated an understanding of the basic skills of a blacksmith.

The core lessons of level one are broken down into four courses.

The first course includes safety, nomenclature, hammers and hammering, tapering, forging a staple, forging an ‘S’ hook, and forging leaves.

The second course includes making a hand-held round punch, a hot cut chisel, a hammer-eye drift, a slot punch, and hardening and tempering techniques and principles.

The third course includes making monkey tools, fullers, creating a round tenon, making a round drift, principles, and practice of forge welding, and making forge welded chain.

The fourth course will be dedicated to creating the gate latch project required for the certificate.

When you sign up indicate which course you require as they will be taught concurrently on each Level I Monday class. Core lessons are 8 AM till 5 PM and cost $180. Lab time for that class will be the Tuesday immediately following and will be paid by the amount of time spent at $10/hr. The sign-up sheet for lab time will be available during class.







Refund, Transfer, and Cancellation Policy

Please Note:   A parent, guardian or responsible adult must be on site for students under 18 years of age for the duration of the class.  Adults accompanying minors do not have to take the class, but they are welcome to if they wish.

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