Blacksmithing: Blacksmith’s Knife

Testing a new course registration system. Please ignore this listing for now.

Learn to forge a knife in this two day, blacksmithing centered, knife making class! The first day, you will start on the forge and anvil where you’ll be shown how to shape a knife blank with the hammer and anvil. The second day will be spent shaping and honing the knife blank on knife grinders into a sharpened tool.  You will be provided with oak handle scales and copper pins to complete your knife.

Instructor made knife with standard handle material and copper pins. Sheath provided to all participants.


The goal is for you to leave with a finished, working knife.

This is NOT an ABS class. We are still working on bringing the ABS class to VIB but this is NOT ABS affiliated. 


Student made knife – Student opted to take the blank home, unfinished, to wrap with student provided paracord.

Class includes safe shop practices, fire management, efficient hammer techniques and basic forging.  All safety equipment and materials provided.

Sunday & Monday, April 15-16, 2018 

8am – 5pm both days

Tuition: $349 for the 2-day course

Please Note:   This course is only open to students 18 years +. No minors will be allowed to participate in the course. IDs may be required for our younger looking participants.

Registration is complete when the payment is complete. We will contact you with information about what to wear and how to get into the industrial complex with the email you provide. We are not responsible for you not entering your email address correctly.

Testing a new course registration system. Please ignore this listing for now.