ABANA National Curriculum Training Level Three: April 24, 2023

ABANA National Curriculum training for Level III

The National Curriculum is limited in its scope and deals only with developing a blacksmith’s skills in the forge environment. The lessons are exercises, and are usually criterion based rather than project-based unless required for the Grille Projects.

The National Curriculum has been divided into 3 levels, with some levels having multiple subjects, each requiring considerable time requirements by the student/instructor.

Individual items have been grouped, where possible, with similar subject materials. Levels can be taught out-of-sequence.

The level three curriculum is divided into three parts: A. the grille project, B. large-scale joinery, and C. repoussé.

The core lessons of level IIIA  (Grille Project) are broken down into six courses.

The first course includes safety, project planning and review of standards, assessment of tooling made in previous levels of the NC training, and transfer of the scale drawing of the grille to a full-sized layout.

The second course will be dedicated to making test pieces for all the pertinent infill elements, tracking dimensional changes due to forging, testing tooling, and refining technique. Some useable elements may be made in this course.

The third course will be spent on making the scroll foliate elements in the grille and refining them to match the layout.

The fourth course will be used to create the grille frame and blown-over center scrolls.

The fifth course includes making the center stile with welded collars, creating the tooling, producing the stock for and making the central fluted collar.

The sixth course will be devoted to cleaning all the elements, assembling the full grille, and applying a finish.

The core lessons of level IIIB (Large Scale Joinery) are broken down into five courses.

The first course includes safety, and producing a heel-tenon monkey tool and corresponding drift, or a side set and drift.

The second course will be used to produce a heel bar with heel tenon.

The third course includes making square and rectangular blockings on flat stock, and punch and drift sets to match blockings.

The fourth course will be used to punch both round and square holes in large gate frame stock. Multiple holes will be punched in the same bar to demonstrate understanding and methods of accommodating for stretch over the length of the bar per hole punched.

The fifth course will be used to produce a hinge stile in the scale of a small pedestrian gate with a heel tenon, an upper hinge journal with strap and bar, and punched holes to accommodate two middle rails.

The core lessons of level IIIC (Repoussé) are broken into two courses.

The first course includes safety, making a repoussé hammer, and a basic set of repoussé tools.

The second course will be dedicated to making an Acanthus leaf of classic design and appropriate tooling.

When you sign up indicate which course you require as they will be taught concurrently on each Level I Monday class. Core lessons are 8 AM till 5 PM and cost $180. Lab time for that class will be the Tuesday immediately following and will be paid by the amount of time spent at $10/hr. The sign-up sheet for lab time will be available during class.






Refund, Transfer, and Cancellation Policy

Please Note:   A parent, guardian or responsible adult must be on site for students under 18 years of age for the duration of the class.  Adults accompanying minors do not have to take the class, but they are welcome to if they wish.

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