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ABS Intro to Bladesmithing

  ABS: Introduction to Bladesmithing with Scott McGhee January 4-15, 2021 (M-Th, 8am-5pm with 1 hour for lunch)* Friday 8am-12pm. The Virginia  ... more ›
January 4  2021 Bladesmithing: ABS Intro to Bladesmithing

Blacksmithing: Grilling Tools

A great beginners class, this class focuses on transferable techniques and guides the student through a number of useful tools for outdoor cooking.  ... more ›
August 8  2020: Blacksmithing: Grilling Tools

Blacksmithing: Tomahawk & Throwing Knives

Like darts, but far, far more serious. Make a set of two regulation throwing knives and two throwing tomahawks. Get instruction on throwing practices  ... more ›
Sept 19  2020: Blacksmithing: Tomahawk & Throwing Knives

Blacksmithing: Build a Knife

Learn to forge a knife in this two day, blacksmithing centered, knife making class! The first day, you will start on the forge and anvil where  ... more ›
2020: Blacksmithing: Build a Knife

Fall Leaves

A class for those who love organic forms and leaves. Seasonally appropriate, students will explore both forged and repoussed leaves starting with ... more ›
October 10  2020: Fall Leaves

Blacksmithing: Build a Hatchet

This course will cover forge welding, lamination, mechanical joining, and tool making.  A handle will be provided so students can leave with a  ... more ›
October 17  2020: Blacksmithing: Build a Hatchet

Floral Forms - Rose & Iris

Explore floral forms in steel. Students will create a rose and an iris. Simple stems will be attached to the flowers to allow you to display your  ... more ›
October 31  2020:  Floral Forms - Rose & Iris

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of an experience!  Certificates are good for one year from date of purchase.  We will email you the certificate after purchase for  ... more ›
Gift Certificates

Welding at VIB

Virginia Institute of Blacksmithing is proud to announce that we are bring hobby welding back! Welding Cart: The first project is to build a welding  ... more ›
Welding at VIB