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Intro to Bladesmithing: June 18 2018

ABS: Introduction to Bladesmithing with Scott McGhee June 18-29, 2018 (M-F, 8am-5pm with 1 hour for lunch) The Virginia Institute of Blacksmithing  ... more ›
ABS: Intro to Bladesmithing: June 18  2018

Blacksmithing: Build a Helmet

Build your own helmet! Starting with a simple design, you can customize this helmet to your tastes. This is a beginning level course suitable for  ... more ›
May 26 2018: Blacksmithing: Build a Helmet

Blacksmithing: Blacksmith's Knife

Learn to forge a knife in this two day, blacksmithing centered, knife making class! The first day, you will start on the forge and anvil where you'll  ... more ›
May 28 2018: Blacksmithing: Blacksmith's Knife

Blacksmithing: Pattern Welded Damascus

This blacksmithing class will show you how to forge pattern welded Damascus. This class is best for the experienced beginner. It is best if the  ... more ›
June 23 2018: Blacksmithing: Pattern Welded Damascus

Blacksmithing: Build a Hatchet

Build your own hatchet! This course will cover forge welding, lamination, mechanical joining, and tool making.  A handle will be provided so  ... more ›
June 30  2018: Blacksmithing: Build a Hatchet

Blacksmithing: Trivet

This Tuesday, One Day class will build a classic, swirled trivet. You will make three scrolls and join them with rivets.  This class is suitable for  ... more ›
July 3, 2018: Blacksmithing: Trivet

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of an experience!  Certificates are good for one year from date of purchase.  We will mail you the certificate after purchase for  ... more ›
Gift Certificates

Safety Rules for VIB

The information contained below has been developed in accordance with the following regulations and standards and adapted from the Baylor University  ... more ›