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ABS Intro to Bladesmithing

June 21 - July 2, 2021

ABS: Introduction to Bladesmithing with Scott McGhee June 21 - July 2, 2021 (M-Th, 8am-5pm with 1 hour for lunch)* Friday 8am-12pm. The Virginia  ... more ›
Bladesmithing: ABS Intro to Bladesmithing

Beginning Welding - Welding Cart

June 26 - 27, 2021

This hobby welding course will cover the basics of MIG welding. You will make a welder cart and gun holder. Add on the complete welder kit and leave ... more ›
Beginning Welding - Welding Cart

Build a Power Hammer

July 10 - 14, 2021

Back Again! We are hosting Clay Spencer who will lead a group through the building of power hammers. These hammers are rated between 60 and 70  ... more ›
Blacksmithing:  Build a Power Hammer

Build a Hatchet

July 17 - 18, 2021

This course will cover forge welding, lamination, hardening and tempering, and drifting and handling.  A stock wooden handle will be provided so  ... more ›
Blacksmithing: Build a Hatchet

Scandinavian Style Stick Tang Knife

July 19 - 22, 2021

July 19 - 22, 2021: Blacksmithing: Scandinavian Style Stick Tang Knife This is a during the week evening class for beginning knife makers. No  ... more ›
Scandinavian Style Stick Tang Knife

Blacksmith's Knife - Kitchen / Chef

July 24 - 25, 2021

Learn to forge a knife in this two day, blacksmithing centered, knife making class! The first day, you will start on the forge and anvil where you' ... more ›
Blacksmithing: Blacksmith's Knife - Kitchen / Chef

Campfire Cookset

July 31 - August 1, 2021

Perfect for Summer Camp Cooking!  This class project is a campfire cooking tripod, S-hook(s), fry pan, spoon, and fork. Students will learn bending,  ... more ›
Blacksmithing: Campfire Cookset

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of an experience!  Certificates are good for one year from date of purchase.  We will email you the certificate after purchase for  ... more ›
Gift Certificates

Welding at VIB

Virginia Institute of Blacksmithing is proud to announce that we are bring hobby welding back! Welding Cart: The first project is to build a welding  ... more ›
Welding at VIB