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Bladesmithing: ABS Intro to Bladesmithing

ABS: Introduction to Bladesmithing with Scott McGhee Jan 6-17, 2020 (M-Th, 8am-5pm with 1 hour for lunch)* Friday 8am-12pm. The Virginia Institute of  ... more ›
Jan 6 2020: Bladesmithing: ABS Intro to Bladesmithing

Blacksmithing: Leaves Twists and other Embellishments

This is a great Introduction to Artistic Blacksmithing. You will make a simple Ivy leaf to a more complex acanthus leaf, plus simple split pineapple  ... more ›
February 15 2020: Blacksmithing: Leaves Twists and other Embellishments

Blacksmithing: Build a Knife

Learn to forge a knife in this two day, blacksmithing centered, knife making class! The first day, you will start on the forge and anvil where  ... more ›
2020: Blacksmithing: Build a Knife

Blacksmithing: Tomahawk & Throwing Knives

Like darts, but far, far more serious. Make a set of two regulation throwing knives and two throwing tomahawks. Get instruction on throwing practices  ... more ›
February 22 2020: Blacksmithing: Tomahawk & Throwing Knives

Blacksmithing: Build a Hatchet

This course will cover forge welding, lamination, mechanical joining, and tool making.  A handle will be provided so students can leave with a  ... more ›
March 21 2020: Blacksmithing: Build a Hatchet

Blacksmithing: Floral Forms

Explore floral forms in steel. There will be a rose and, if time permits, an iris. Simple stems will be attached to the flowers to allow you to  ... more ›
March 28 2020: Blacksmithing: Floral Forms

Blacksmithing: Grilling Tools

A great beginners class, this class focuses on transferable techniques and guides the student through a number of useful tools for outdoor cooking.  ... more ›
April 18  2020: Blacksmithing: Grilling Tools

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of an experience!  Certificates are good for one year from date of purchase.  We will email you the certificate after purchase for  ... more ›
Gift Certificates

Welding at VIB

Virginia Institute of Blacksmithing is proud to announce that we are bring hobby welding back!  Our new instructor, Harold Plasterer, has over 40  ... more ›
Welding at VIB