Virginia Institute of Blacksmithing

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Blacksmithing: Build a Shield

Create a shield with your own emblem ready for mock battles.  This is a beginning level course where you will learn techniques such as (but not  ... more ›
June 24 2017:  Blacksmithing:  Build a Shield

Blacksmithing: Build a Hatchet

Build your own hatchet! This course will cover forge welding, lamination, mechanical joining, and tool making.  A handle will be provided so students ... more ›
July 3  2017: Blacksmithing: Build a Hatchet

Blacksmithing: Leaves and Twists

You will make a simple Ivy leaf to a more complex acanthus leaf, plus simple split pineapple and laddered twists. Students will learn how to make  ... more ›
July 8  2017: Blacksmithing: Leaves and Twists

Blacksmithing: Horse & Ram's Head

Learn how to chase (blacksmithing term) and sculpt a horse's head and a ram's head out of steel. This class is appropriate for all ability levels and  ... more ›
July 10, 2017: Blacksmithing: Horse & Ram's Head

Blacksmithing: Hook Rack and CandleStick

Hammer metal to create a candlestick and wall-mounted coat rack in this beginner level weekend course. This is a great technique course to learn  ... more ›
July 15 2017: Blacksmithing: Hook Rack and CandleStick

Shelf Brackets

Create your own shelf brackets. There should be time for each student to leave with a minimum of 1 set of shelf brackets. (We expect more than 1 pair ... more ›
July 17, 2017: Shelf Brackets

Modern Metalwork and Welding

Our Modern Metalwork & Welding 2-day class is a project driven class focused on welding and fabrication. (This is NOT a blacksmithing class.)  ... more ›
Modern Metalwork and Welding

Gift Certificates

We all have stuff and most don't need more stuff, give the gift of an experience.  Certificates are good for one year from date of purchase.  We  ... more ›
Gift Certificates

New Summer Classes OPEN!

Registration is now OPEN. Summer 2017 will have Weekday classes! We will be retooling a few of our tried and true courses and inserting new projects ... more ›
New Summer Classes OPEN!