Virginia Institute of Blacksmithing

Teaching of the Hand and the Mind


Dale Morse with student at anvil

Dale Morse, blacksmithing Instructor, and student working with hot metal

“I really enjoy seeing the moment that a student starts to get it. When the hammer finally starts hitting true and the work suddenly starts getting easier. Also, it gives me a chance to introduce the curious person to a world of creativity I know and love, to educate them on the mysteries of working metal hot.”

Dale Morse – Co-Founder and Blacksmithing Instructor



Instructor David Hall working on a welding project

David Hall, welding/metal work Instructor, working on a welding project

“The process of taking two or three or four separate pieces of material and then join them together, essentially on a molecular basis, is magical to me.”

David Hall – Co-Founder and Welding & Metal Working Instructor



Photograph of Karen Friedlander

Karen Friedlander, metalsmithing/jewelry Instructor

My greatest delight is to encourage and help those individuals find a path to their creative voice.  I want to make it safe for them to take that chance.  I want to bring out the best in people.

I have all this knowledge.  If I keep it to myself, I’m the only one who gets to enjoy it.  If I teach, I get to pass that joy on to a classroom of new artists.”  

Karen Friedlander – Metalsmithing/Jewelry Instructor


Instructors from left to right; Dale Morse, Karen Friedlander and David HallFind out more, and register for classes taught by Dale, Karen and David!


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